Band Donations

It is becoming increasingly difficult for bands to make a living from CD sales and many internet based music stores only pay bands a portion of the actual sales (selling online info graph).

I have heard and seen a few websites that are starting to tackle this issue and have had some success with it.  One of those is, which enables people to become patrons of their favorite bands and get money more directly to the artists.

An idea I have tosd around is to make this type of thing more accessible.  I would like to see an application that tracks the bands you are listening to and would then let you know if they are financially ok, or if they need help.  I had thought about doing it in iTunes because of the user base, but with the age of Spotify upon us, I looked into it and within a few hours was able to create a mock app of the idea.

My current thinking is that the application would tap into the bands you have listened to the most in recent weeks from Spotify.  It would give a link to find out more about the band and then a donation link off to PayPal or some other way to get money directly to the artists.  Below the links would be a “health bar”, which could be managed by the band.  They could set their target monthly income and share how much of that they have earned.

I definitely don’t think this will solve all the artists financial problems, but it could be one more tool for them to be able to support themselves while they create art for the world to enjoy and be inspired by.

I would love to hear your opinions and ideas on this or if someone is already working on it.  I plan on making the application open source, so let me know if you want to get involved!

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3 Responses

  1. Harper Shelby says:

    I think using Spotify is nice, but why limit it? Use Spotify (or even iTunes, or both) to come up with recommendations, but allow the user to add any artist. Some of us listen to things like satellite radio in our cars (and some benighted folks still listen to stuff on the AM/FM bands…the horror!).

    • Andrew Cobb says:

      I like it Harper. There is a way to build apps for iTunes and we could even make a web widget for all the online players like Pandora. I need a database of artists and PayPal ID’s!

  2. Andrew Cobb says:

    I submitted an application to Spotify for the app and it got rejected on a few grounds including too many external links, not focusing enough on music, and there being a rule against having any monetary purpose. Bummer.